This is my personal website. Here you'll find details about some multimedia and software projects in which I've worked.

Artifacts Ready to Try Out

GNU Guile

Programming language and official extension language for the GNU operating system.

GNU Guix

The advanced distribution of the GNU operating system and functional package manager.


A Web application and database that work as a multilingual sentence dictionary for language learners.

Texinfo CSS

My custom CSS for HTML documents generated with the GNU Texinfo system.


An art set for game developers including a race of little invaders from outer space.

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Latest Blog Posts

Tiny Hairy Worm

. When it got to the tip of the leaf, this little worm let itself drop using a sticky thread, just like spiders do. I didn't know they could do that....

Texinfo CSS version 1.0.2

. Texinfo CSS is a style sheet for HTML documents generated with the GNU Texinfo system. This entry describes the changes in version 1.0.2....

5 Artifacts Retired from Service

. I recently decommissioned some of my artifacts: Arriera, Galaxia, Aurora, gNewSense and Miro. In this entry I explain why and recommend replacements for them....

A Bee

. A cartoon bee made for a programming exercise on interactive worlds. If you don't draw, maybe you can use it for your own exercises. It's a vector drawing made with Inkscape, and dedicated to the public domain. Download it....

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