This is my personal website. Here you'll find details about some multimedia and software projects in which I've worked.

Artifacts Ready to Try Out


Football-themed board game with digital add-ons.

GNU Guile

Programming language and official extension language for the GNU operating system.

GNU Guix

The advanced distribution of the GNU operating system and functional package manager.


A Web application and database that work as a multilingual sentence dictionary for language learners.


An art set for game developers including a race of little invaders from outer space.

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Golea version 1.0.0-A

. Today I release the first version of Golea, a football-themed board game with digital add-ons. The game is initially available in English and Spanish at https://sirgazil.gitlab.io/golea/....

Tiny Hairy Worm

. When it got to the tip of the leaf, this little worm let itself drop using a sticky thread, just like spiders do. I didn't know they could do that....

Texinfo CSS version 1.0.2

. Texinfo CSS is a style sheet for HTML documents generated with the GNU Texinfo system. This entry describes the changes in version 1.0.2....

5 Artifacts Retired from Service

. I recently decommissioned some of my artifacts: Arriera, Galaxia, Aurora, gNewSense and Miro. In this entry I explain why and recommend replacements for them....

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