This is a list of software, graphics, documents and other artifacts from projects in which I've worked. All of them are Free Cultural Works, dedicated to the public domain or distributed under the terms of different libre licenses.

Listing 9 artifacts

Cómo meditar

Spanish translation of a Vipassanā meditation guide for beginners.

GNU Guile

Programming language and official extension language for the GNU operating system.

GNU Guix

The advanced distribution of the GNU operating system and functional package manager.


A Web widget for learning the sounds and writing of the Japanese syllabary.

PostgreSQL Tutorial

PostgreSQL tutorial in Spanish, based on the original tutorial by The PostgreSQL Global Development Group.


A Web application and database that work as a multilingual sentence dictionary for language learners.

Texinfo CSS

My custom CSS for HTML documents generated with the GNU Texinfo system.


An art set for game developers including a race of little invaders from outer space.

WB Datadict

MySQL Workbench plugin to generate a data dictionary in HTML format from the currently loaded schema.