This is a list of software, graphics, documents and other artifacts from projects in which I've worked.

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Cómo meditar

Spanish translation of a Vipassanā meditation guide for beginners.


Collection of designs for printing using different techniques on different surfaces.


Football-themed board game with digital add-ons.

GNU Guile

Programming language and official extension language for the GNU operating system.

GNU Guix

The advanced distribution of the GNU operating system and functional package manager.


A Web widget for learning the sounds and writing of the Japanese syllabary.

PostgreSQL Tutorial

PostgreSQL tutorial in Spanish, based on the original tutorial by The PostgreSQL Global Development Group.


A Web application and database that work as a multilingual sentence dictionary for language learners.

Texinfo CSS

My custom CSS for HTML documents generated with the GNU Texinfo system.


An art set for game developers including a race of little invaders from outer space.

WB Datadict

MySQL Workbench plugin to generate a data dictionary in HTML format from the currently loaded schema.