HTML5 Is Here


An illustration of an exterior scene in a clear day with a blue sky. Three workers are unloading the new elements of HTML5 in boxes from a W3C's truck. The truck and the uniforms of the workers are the same color as the HTML5 logo: reddish orange.

Illustration. Some workers download HTML5 elements from a delivery truck.

The image was made with Inkscape and started as a 4x4 cm thumbnail drawn with pencil. I used the thumbnail as a note of the general idea, I didn't scanned it to trace it. For the truck I looked for references using DuckDuckGo, but it is not a copy of a real truck (although I think you can see the influence of Renault's trucks).

It took me four hours to finish the illustration. I'm not surprised because it's been a long time since I draw anything. In general, I like how the image turned out. The style of people is something I can reuse when drawing crowdy scenes in the future.

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