Golea version 1.0.0-A

Today I release the first version of Golea, a football-themed board game with digital add-ons. The game is initially available in English and Spanish at https://sirgazil.gitlab.io/golea/.

Figure 1.

Figure 1. Game pieces.


Figure 2.

Figure 2. Illustration of an attacking move during a match.

Currently there are no ready-to-use pieces for the game (maybe in the future), but part of the game is building the pieces yourself to show kids how they can make their own games. The current version of the game includes an example design of the pieces and some printables. Some of the pieces are generic and can be found in game, arts or hobbies stores.

Digital add-on

The goal of the add-on is to provide some football ambience during game sessions, but it is optional.

Figure 3.

Figure 3. Screenshot of the team selection in Golea League.

The add-on allows you to set matches between teams of two leagues: the Golea League and the League of Nations. It also includes a scoreboard that allows you to track the time and score of the games.

Figure 4.

Figure 4. Screenshot of the scoreboard set for a match between England and Turkey.

Source files

This game is dedicated to the public domain. You can download the source files to study them, modify them and create derivative works.

The add-on is written in Guile Scheme using a static website and web application generator I call retsi, which I'm not ready to publish yet. For this reason, instead of including the scheme files of the add-on in the source, I added the files generated with retsi (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.).

In next versions, if there is any interest at all in the game, I plan to include all the original source files.

I hope someone enjoys this humble game :)

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